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Re: Loki...

Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> writes:

> So as good as the Linux server development is, just think about
> "rewriting Apache *and* Python from scratch" as the magnitude of the
> task for *each* good game you expect to see.

That probally doesn't need to be done, just look at Half-Life, the
game and the engine itself are old, but its still quite alive due to
various modifications (which are to a great part contributed by
non-professionals). Sure this won't work with many game types, but at
least there is a good chance that we will have at least some high
quality OpenSource games somewhen in the future, once they is a robust
engine and some good demo game which demonstrates this.

> My efforts (Tux - A Quest for Herring, TuxKart and now "The Chronicles of
> the Evil Overlord") have tried to circumvent these problems.
>   * I'd hoped that by making a game where it was relatively easy to
>   add levels of your own (TuxKart), I'd get lots of people
>   contributing game levels - which would make the game bigger with
>   little effort on my part - and also make the game more interesting
>   for me to play. I never got a single level contributed.

I think the problem of TuxKart currently isn't the lack of good
artwork or the lack of levels, both things are there, even if its not
commercial quality. The biggest problem of TuxKart is IMHO the lack of
decent gameplay, which means basically the lack of physics. The karts
don't drift, they stop instantly once you collide, when you jump in a
turn the karts continues the turn, the karts jump to high, etc. The
game simply doesn't feel 'right' and is with all this issues not that
much fun.
> It's very depressing - but we *NEED* commercial games for Linux.


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