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Re: A question to everyone...

Henrik Lidbjörk wrote:

>>Why are you writing Linux games (or the tools/libraries needed to do so)?
>>What exactly to you aim to achieve?
> Are you suggesting that we shouldn't use Linux or that we should do
> something other than write games...? :)

No, I'm just wondering what your motive is, there's no hidden question or 
suggestion in there. Are you just doing it for fun, or do you have another 
motive - fame, recognition, even money - or is there some other reason I 
haven't mentioned? For example, Steve programs games - as far as I can tell 
- because it is connected with his work and it is something he and his son 
can work together on. Jorrit does it for fun. Me.. well, explaining why I
do it would be a 20 page essay that would send half the people here to 
sleep, although fun is part of it.

It's not a case of "why did you choose Linux over <insert other OS>", but

"why do you program games or libraries".

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