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Keys in SDL

Hey people,

	It's been quite some time since someone last posted here :) So here's
one simple problem I'm having. Using SDL, I coded some routines to get
input in the form of a string, but I'm having trouble with keys that
need a SHIFT to come out correctly - for instance, if I press a '4', ok,
but if I press SHIFT + '4', I still get the SDLK_4 symbol. Ok, I'm aware
of the mod information available for each keyboard event, so I know when
the user has a SHIFT pressed down. My problem is: is there any logical
operation to perform on any ASCII character to map to/from a "shifted"
key? Or do I have to code all the translations one by one? I guess I'm
probably missing something simple here :)

Thank you for your attention,
Miguel A. Osorio.