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Re: Svgalib official web site?

Ricardo Colon wrote:
>>I believe www.svgalib.org is the official website for the SVGALIB library.

<checking> Right. I changed that. Thanks.

>Oh, bye the way, it turns out the Coriolis(you know, a publisher of
>computer books) has a book set for release on 2/7/2000 entitled "Linux
>Graphics Programming with SVGALIB." Just wanted to let you know. 

Where did you see that? I just checked their site and didn't find it.

>P.S. Could you please construct some comparison and/or recommendation
>charts for the various libs, SDK's etc?  I've heard the GGI is the future
>of Linux graphics programming and that SVGALIB is going to die soon. Could
>you please list some personal thoughts as to the
>future/features/performance of any other libs mentioned?  

Such a thing is already planned since quite a long time, but up to now
nobody really found the time or the inspiration.

Anni, wbat about putting up a list of "promising editorial topics" ? 

> >P.P.S Thanks again.

Er, you're welcome. But - thanks for what?


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