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Developer request

Hi all...

Together with some friends I started the KMonop project to create a version
of the Monopoly boardgame to be played under KDE. Unfortunately internships,
school and work have delayed the project a lot.

At the moment the project is split into two seperate parts: a server and a
client. The server is improving rapidly, but the programmer responsible for
the client seems to be too lazy so I am posting this request:

Who is interested in developing a client? Although you can make use of
the artwork I have created so far, you'd be totally free in how such a
client would look: it'd be your project. All that you'd need to do is remain
compatible with the API documentation that is available so you can interact
with the monop server.

If you are interested let us know at kmonop@capsi.com.

I have sent this message to the KDE mailinglists (general and devel) and
plan to send it to the Gnome devel mailinglist as well. The reason you all
get it here as well is because I'm sure there are tons of other environments
in which a kick-ass client could be developed.

Grtz, Rob
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