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Re: Game idea....

> > I've also thought of a Megaman like game combined with C-robots.
> > Basically you would have to design your own weapons and items in C.
> > Unfortunately I don't know how you would balance the game properly and
> > implement the programmable items.
> Couldn't such a thing be implemented as plug-ins. ie: Find a program that
> has plug-in support (and has full source under a liberal enough
> lisence(sp?)), and strip it down to what you need (ie: Get rid of all the
> overhead that's simply not needed), and run with it? Hence not reinventing
> the wheel..

Implementing plugins is trivial (as seems to have been discussed in
my absence).  The real problem is satisfying the gods of game-balance.
How much control is the player given?  What stops him from designing a
kill everything on screen for no energy weapon?  How does one control
the environment so that bad programming doesn't crash the game?

One possible solution is to make somesort of separate thread that
performs the player created task.  That way the game keeps running and
the player is then forced to design weapons that function quickly.

Another problem with a plugin setup is that it does easily allow
quick-fixes while the game runs.

Dennis Payne