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Re: Game idea....

Paul Anderson wrote:

> On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Dennis Payne wrote:
> > How much control is the player given?  What stops him from designing a
> > kill everything on screen for no energy weapon?
> >
> Why should he be stopped?  If he did that, then the game would no longer
> be challenging, and no longer enjoyable.

Yeah, but the problem is that people have different opinions about
enjoyable, which is especially troubling in multiplayer.  If you make the
client too programmable then one user may be able to do some
"interesting" stuff with it that ruins the game for other connected
players.  The true game logic will ofcourse run on the server, but
that doesn't mean people can't make mods that give them an edge..
Aimbots for Q2, for instance... Since Q3 will allow client side
programmable prediction I wonder how long it'll take till somebody
uses that to guide their own shots... Some people enjoy that kind of
trashing, so I guess us developers should figure out a way to stop them..


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