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Re: Game idea....

>> How much control is the player given?  What stops him from designing a
>> kill everything on screen for no energy weapon?
>Why should he be stopped?  If he did that, then the game would no longer
>be challenging, and no longer enjoyable.

	I've noticed a lot of the weapons people have created for Quake (and
Quake 2) are quite unfairly balance, but I haven't seen a genocide weapon yet.
If the game is played two player, and both players use the same weapon though,
this problem becomes moot.

	It's worth noting that if this plugin scheme is done similar to Quake,
it would probably not be difficult to restrict the extend of what a weapon can
do. For example, you could program graphics and animation for it, how it would
travel across the screen, and what it would do upon impact. Whereas you
wouldn't allow the plugin to change the attributes of ALL the characters in
the level.

	There could also be some things hardcoded into the plugin, such as
forcing the weapon to use at least one ammo (+ whatever the plugin author
wants it to use up). All in all, I think this would be a good idea. Even if
someone write a genocide weapon, not many people would use it, as the game
would not be enjoyable anymore.