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Re: Game idea....

Rick Genter wrote:

> > Paul Anderson wrote:
> >
> >> > How much control is the player given?  What stops him from designing a
> >> > kill everything on screen for no energy weapon?
> >> >
> >> Why should he be stopped?  If he did that, then the game would no longer
> >> be challenging, and no longer enjoyable.
> >
> > Exactly. In Quake, you're allowed to create mods that make you a god
> > among mortals. (heck, just drop to the console and type "god" :)) Such
> > displays of awesome power are cool at first, but quickly wear off in
> > terms of fun value. So, people tend to design mods which permit them to
> > exploit new talents but force them to use new skills (a grappling hook,
> > for example, or a really powerful weapon that can be only used in close
> > range or takes a long time to reload). Still, cheating can be fun,
> > especially if you're a single player and want to see something
> > interesting/cool (the bloody head of John Romero in Doom 2, the ability
> > to play Aeris after she'd died in Final Fantasy 7 (you can only do it
> > with a Game Shark), etc.).
> >
> > In general, openness and customizability in games is a Good Thing. The
> > dynamics of game players' minds in the large tends to promote the
> > modifications which are more challenging to the player, rather than
> > easier.
> I think the only kinds of modifications that the multiplayer market objects
> to are those that give one player an unfair advantage. Usually these are
> termed "cheats" (or, in the case of Age of Empires, a "trainer").
> The solution I've chosen to use in AT '41 is for the client to checksum its
> plugin and ask the server to verify the checksum; if the checksums don't
> match, the server downloads the plugin to the client. In this way everyone
> is guaranteed to be playing the same game.
> Now, if the server is running a plugin that gives one particular player an
> advantage, well, people just won't connect to that server for very long :-).


This also didn't work, checksums+downloads+peeks didn't help.
If someone want to cheat with free/open source, I know now way to stop him.