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Re: Weitergeleitet:Re: Dead links + more links

Bert Peers wrote:

>> <looking> Oh, yeah, you're right. So the main work is to copy the entries
>> over to the tools section, sort them properly, bring them in the proper
>> format and *eventually* expand the descriptions a bit (they're quite brief
>> IMHO). All in all much less work than I expected. You're lucky ;)
>> (at least for now - you'll also have to add things in the future, which
>> will be a bit more work)
>Could we talk about this on the next IRC meeting ?  I'm not sure if
>taking the list of links, chopping them up in sound, gfx, dev, etc
>categories and then just put them in the tools section is a good idea.
>I mean, that doesn't sound very resourceful to me..  What we have
>right now is appropriate enough for the links section, but that kind
>of brief descriptions will probably not be enough to tell someone
>who is looking for a modelling package for his game models, what
>the difference is between say sced and a povray modeller that can
>export trimeshes...  The problem is that if we want to offer that kind
>of help/insight it almost by definition needs to be done by somebody
>who used them both -- so the current contribution system seems to
>make a bit more sense to me than just chopping the links section.

What about actually moving the entries from "Links" to "Tools" and adding a
"review wanted" link to each?
It might be a good idea anyway to have some kind of "add a comment on this
tool" thing for all tools.

>BTW if you feel this is a list issue, go ahead.. I wasn't sure.

Actually I don't really care - I just do know that I'm not at home at
today's IRC time ;)


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