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Re: rpm builder

On Tue, 20 Jul 1999, Dennis Payne wrote:

>> does anybody know a good rpm-builder?
>I just use rpm.  It's easy enough to take some other spec file and modify
>it for your needs.

Yeah, it's quite simple. Good docs can be found at http://www.rpm.org/.
They even have the 'Maximum RPM' book available as PostScript there. 

Basically you only need some steps:

- some information about the package (name, version...)
- information how it should be installed prior to compiling (one line)
- how is it compiled (configure; make)
- how is it installed (make install)
- what files belong in the package 

In my opinion the last part is the only one which can give problems,
especially if your compilation process generates much files, such as docs
from sources, images, etc., and you have no way of knowing what files will
be generated (I had one such package). But if you have a number of
binaries, libs and some static data (sound/gfx/levels/...) it's very easy.

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