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Re: 'not an artist' article

Steve Baker wrote:
> The knack would be in picking the right controls for the 'genes' to act on
> in the first place...and generalizing it to 3D with proper colour genes...
> but I feel that this is something I could actually do sucessfully.
> One cool part about doing this right would be that you could evolve in
> the 'bones' and other widgets that you need for animation right as you
> evolve the 'skin'.  You could probably also evolve low polygon count
> versions for lesser levels of detail too.

A project I've been considering for a while is an RPG where the graphics
are created based on a similar idea. The game "evolves" the land and
several species over a number of years, also tracking the movements of
intelligent colonies, etc, creating a history in the game, into which
the player is plunged. The graphics were to be similarly evolved based
on changing environmental/social factors, so each species would look
different each time a new game is played.

Doesn't sound too hard, really...

Bye - Joel.

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