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Re: 'not an artist' article

Erik wrote:

> I, too, have had thoughts like this :) Except my design was
> primarily evolving the cultural, economic, and capability aspects,
> not so much on the visual imagery. I have a space sim on a back
> burner that I hope to have gameplay like a cross between ('xwing'
> or 'wing commander') and (pirates!), so in addition to a tight
> sim engine, there would have to be a large political and economic
> playfield that is beleivable.

It is a great idea. How do I know? I wasted more time playing Elite (the
original version, the Apple II port actually) than any other game, Doom
and Quake included (which is freakin' lots of time!).

Oh yes, the universe was dynamically generated following some AI concept
that was hot at the time (and maybe still is). So, there. ;-)

"Whip me. Beat me. Make me maintain AIX." -- Stephan Zielinski

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