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Re: Crystal Space CD-ROM. How much interest is there?

Am Mit, 05 Jul 2000 schrieben Sie:
> I'm considering creating a CD-ROM for Crystal Space that you
> can order from me. This CD will contain at least the following:

>  I will only go to the trouble of procuding all this if there is enough interest in such a CD-ROM. So if you are
>  interested, just give a mail. Also indicate how much you would like to pay for this. I have never done this
>  before so I'm not sure what a good price would be (price should obviously include the costs I need to make
>  to produce the CD-ROM and the shipping cost).

I am interested in it. I suggest something like 10 to 30 Euro as the price.
The question is how to transfer the money. There are no Euros available yet ...
Money Transfer via Bank is doubling the amount, I think.

Many greetings,
~ Philipp Gühring              p.guehring@poboxes.com
~ http://www.futureware.at/       ICQ UIN: 6588261
~ My /home is my Kastl.

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