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Re: 'not an artist' article

Whoa ! Genes, physics, etc etc - My head hurts

I just want to create reasonable graphics for my games quickly, and
without too much artistic ability. To state some simple things - I can
make good looking random terrain, random trees, random textures for
various simple things (stone, grass, etc), and even random villages.
With the graphics I would like some sort of generator which takes a bone
model (like Steve style - not real bones) and allows you to change
certain characteristics - eg length of arms, etc, and the textures
wrapped around them, and the size of the arms etc.

Then animators could animate the skeleton regardless of what was wrapped
around it, and even animate parts of the skeleton independently, and
provide me with certain attributes to play with (stagger, stoop, speed,
etc) on any type of animation. 

For the evolution I would use a reasonably complete model of something,
then give it certain ways to evolve which could be psuedo randomly
controlled by environmental factors.

My posts were really about evolving a game without human intervention.

Bye - Joel.

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