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Re: The Artists thing

Pieter Hulshoff wrote:

>> > I'm a bit disappointed with how this "artists" thread developed - or
>> > rather disappeared silently. People talked much and loudly about how

>Well, I'm a musician, though I haven't been involved with game music for
>some time. What's the issue we're discussing here, or is this solely
>graphics artists?

It's about all kinds of artists needed for a game. The issue is that
there are tons of coders writing free games, including lots of really
capable coders, but there are virtually no artists in that area. Because
of this almost all free games are simple clones of other games and are
severely lacking in terms of sound and graphics.
How much of this thread did you read (i.e. how much do I have to
summarize ;) ?

Christian Reiniger
Coordinator, LGDC (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/)

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