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Re: The Artists thing

On 18-Jul-2000 Steve Baker wrote:
> "J. Perkins" wrote:
>> From: Chris Purnell <cjp@oit.net>
>> >I've seen lots of sites providing media downloads but none of them
>> >are free in the FSF sense.
>> How about www.graphtallica.com?
> Yes - but the kinds of things you find on those sites are rarely
> any use.  I snagged a gazillion 'textures' from 3D cafe a while
> back and I doubt that I've used more than a couple of them.
> What is needed is not random models and textures that someone
> made on a whim - but a set of related models and textures that
> work together to form something you could make a game out of.
> The artist needs to be working in the context of a team and
> a known goal - not just playing with GIMP and saving everything
> that looks "interesting" to some web repository somewhere.

I agree totally. I've used textures and models from 'clip art' sites to test,
but none of that stuff would be of any use in a finished product (demo, game,
etc). Not only does the art have to be of the right thing, but it also has to
be of a consistent style, which means 10 different artists doing their own
thing won't help.

The lack of usability in clip art is also present in programming... how many .c
or .cpp files do you drop into your makefile without modification? I'd imagine
you create almost every source file from source. Not because there aren't
versions out there, and not because a lack of code reuse (after all, what are
libraries but an extended form of code reuse), but because nothing is just
right. You need the source code to fit perfectly. You also need the art to fit
perfectly, so clip art would need to be modified or not used. And if we has
skill with modifying models and images, we wouldn't be so desperate for
individuals with those skills (or that gift, I d'no which it counts as) :) 


We have a list for artists to come together, but before things start happening,
someone has to stir the pot a little. This involves a BAD word: "Marketing".
People with contacts, ideas, or knowing places where artists go has to
advertise (another bad word, I'm starting to feel like ADC or carlin here) that
this list is here as a service to the artistic community.

Someone mentioned writing an article to draw attention and get people
interested in the list, are there any ideas on what such an article should be
about? The benefit that working on an open source project could bring an artist?

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