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Re: The Artists thing

On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Steve Baker wrote:

> > Ah, but I'm not talking tools here. There's usually a programmer willing
> > to make some music tool (btw: is there a fasttracker like program for
> > Linux? I used to love those music programs on the AMIGA/MSX).
> I've played with 'Funktracker Gold' - it seems like the ones I remember
> from Amiga days - but I have no idea whether it's "good" or not.
> There are (I believe) a couple of others to choose from - Funktracker
> just happens to be the one I found first.

SoundTracker (http://www.soundtracker.org/) is a Fasttracker clone (IIRC)
that is fairly "good" -- though of course that depends on your point of
view.  It's definitely usable, if that's what you meant.  I think Voodoo
Tracker is based off of the same source, but I'm not sure.

Ben Crowder                             

"Unhappiness is the hunger to get; 
 happiness is the hunger to give."
                   -- William G. Jordan

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