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Re: The Artists thing

At 10:40 20/07/00 -0600, Ben wrote:
>Also, on an aside, is there a site or document that details all of the
>available tools for artists?  (For Linux, of course -- i.e. "Here are the
>MIDI programs, and here are the paint programs, here's what they do, the
>file formats they can handle, things that have been done with them, etc.")
>Something that shows exactly what each program is capable of would be

I think the Linux Midi page does that for Music:

That should do it for 3D:
http://linux3d.netpedia.net/software.html (not that much updated alas)
(blender is great -- blender is great -- blender is great --)

There is this "generic" graphic site:

And if all fails, there is always the mighty freshmeat.net:



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