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Re: Webmaster's Revival

Yeah, why don't we include some sex and money on the linux game
development site. That will sure help traffic...



frchise@centexchange.com wrote:

> Attention Webmaster! Your troubles are over!
> There is no doubt in what turns on people.
> Combine the two most prominent elements: Sex & Money
> and what do you get????TRAFFIC!
> This is what Centexchange is all about, we can explode your site
> with surfers and make it the Favorite one on the Web.
> Surfers become members of our community, then they can start earning
> money while surfing your site, How come?
> The advertising site (you for instance) has an advertising budget,
> which is especially for the surfers entering the site.
> For example: you decide to pay 50 cent for 5 minutes staying at your
> site. We are responsible for managing the money transactions plus
> guarantee that in those 5 minutes the surfer doesn't get banners
> interruptions and he can't minimize or make any changes in the screen
> (we call it: "focused advertising"). If he keeps these conditions
> he gets his virtual money. Now the surfers can make purchases with
> their savings only in the selling sites, which are members of the
> community (could be your advertising site that has goods & services
> to sell). That's the way the money goes back to his owner
> (the advertising site) plus revenues from additive private money the
> surfer wishes to spend. As the best traffic builders on the Web
> Centexchange enables you the receiving site to reach your target
> market fast.
> Completing the above is the SMARTCARD that is given for free to all
> surfers whom are members of the community. With this Centexcard they
> can reload their virtual savings via Internet stations spread all over
> and purchase in the real stores outside the Web.
> Regarding the sex section, we know that the main interface is the
> Web site activating online, but our recommendation is not to ignore
> the advantages of the smartcard concerning the outside world.
> Let us help you enlarge your share having a wishful fluent TRAFFIC
> of surfers constantly increasing the site's revenues.
> Sincerely Yours
>           Oren Leiberman
>    International Franchising Manager
>           Centexchange.com
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Jorrit.Tyberghein@uz.kuleuven.ac.be, University Hospitals KU Leuven BELGIUM

"Chap with a whip got as far as the big sharp spikes last week," said
the low priest.
        -- Life in the Temple of Offler
           (Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man)

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