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Re: Makefiles

Bill Kendrick:
> > It is of course more elegant, but does the exact same thing.... =(

-> ErrataCorrige: it does NOT the same thing, since it is a target with no dependencies, deps
are _always_ rebuilt.

> Does it, actually?  Shouldn't it simply "mkdir obj" once, when the target doesn't exist,
> and then happily just double-check for it (w/o any failing 'mkdir's) for all of the other .o targets?

It appears that directory targets are just not checked, or not considered as files: i get a "no rule to make target DEPS"
when i set DEPS as a prerequisite.
Moreover, if no prerequisite is set for the 'dirs:' target, the dependencies are always remade along with their prerequisite:
This may also lead to infinite loops where all dependencies are contnously generated.

This makefile executes all deps twice:

Steve Baker:
> Francesco Orsenigo wrote:
> > Ok, i finally entered the wonderful world of Makefiles.
> Excellent!
> Now you need to learn the 'auto' tools - automake, autoconf, autolib, etc.
> These automatically generate Makefiles from the yet simpler 'Makefile.am',
> and automatically handle all the '.deps' directory stuff that you are struggling
> with.

TuxKart's ./configure didn't detect the lack of plib, it took me some time to figure out the problem,
and to install the correct plib version.
Nice game, however.
(Some levels may actually lead to epilepsy, you should warn your players about that... =)

Francesco Orsenigo,
proud member of the Xarvh Developement Team