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Library advice needed

Hello all,

My name is Pieter Hulshoff, I live in the Netherlands, and I just rejoined
the programming world of Linux. :) I've been out of it for a while, so I'm
totally out of date with regards to libraries. I'm currently doing some
preparations for development of a platform game under Linux (Castlevania
style for those of you who know that game), and am in search of (a)
library(ies) that will allow me to do:
1. copy, transparent copy, sprites, possibly screen rotations
2. play midi files and do sound effects
3. easy porting to windows (flame away; I feel that if I dislike M$ for
writing single OS software, I should at least port mine.:)

, and which is/are written in C

Any ideas/advice you can give me?


Pieter Hulshoff

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