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Re: Poll ideas?

Jan Ekholm wrote:
> What kind of libraries need to get better under Linux or are totally
> missing that you would like to use:
>         * 3D
>         * spritebased 2D
>         * isometric 2D
>         * sound
>         * video
>         * installation
>         * handling configuration
>         * networking
>         * joystick and input handling
>         * threading
>         * ...
> Hmm, maybe the idea sucks. Anyway, I wrote the message so I'll also send
> it... So sue me. :-)

I'm preparing the writing of a pattern based library, very much like
some of the 8-bit computers and the SNES used them. It seems that 2D
platform and shoot-em-ups are still built up from patterns anyway, so a
library that will allow multi-layer scrolling pattern screens and
sprites might come in handy. Anyone know of development of such a
library by anyone else already?


Pieter Hulshoff

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