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Re: Linux game development site mentioned in Linux Magazine

I'm currently working on a Linux game dev site with GameDev.Net... if you
need anything passed on to 'em, I'm yer man (I'm their Linux guru, so to
speak... they contact me for anything Linux related)

Mark Collins (aka Nurgle)
WWW: http://www.thisisnurgle.org.uk
email: me@thisisnurgle.org.uk
Phone: +44 (0)7720 703 073

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From: Erik <br0ke@math.smsu.edu>
To: lgdc-web@sunsite.auc.dk <lgdc-web@sunsite.auc.dk>
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Date: 25 June 2000 18:49
Subject: Re: Linux game development site mentioned in Linux Magazine

>On 24-Jun-2000 Christian Reiniger wrote:
>> Bryan Patrick Coleman wrote:
>>>Just wanted to let everyone know that our web site was mentioned in the
>>>latest issue of Linux Magazine. The review was not real real favorable
>>>could generate more interest.
>would someone mind mentioning some details of the review? where it was
>where it was strong, etc? :)
>> (I already knew this but) Good. Now we just need to make sure that all
>> these people flooding the site see that it's alive and kicking and well
>> worth to be visited more often...
>If we get to a stage where the site has good structure, it filled out, and
>some good content, we can always talk to slashdot, blues news, flipcode,
>gamedev.net, etc mentioning that we're completely reworked and ready to
>a small blurb on any of those places could spike the server load pretty
>:) But if we go off half cocked, people will look at it, say "now isn't
>special", and never return.
>> Parasite - do you now have the time to work on the code?
>> Randall - are you fine again?
>> Erik - how's the lib database doing?
>Sorry, haven't had time to touch it :( I threw out some notes and thoughts
>hoping to get some comment on them a while back, but there was no response,
>I'm not sure if people are sitting around going "exactly!" or if people are
>sitting around going "that guy is a complete idiot" :) The penguin play
>website (at http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/database/) has some good
>thoughts, but I think jumps to too low of a level way too quick :) I want
>feedback and dialog on what the sdk/lib database is supposed to do for the
>user before thinking about ID numbers, etc.
>To recap on my thoughts to date for this database, I think it should
>  * list all the libs/sdk's in the database.
>  * show lots of details about a specific lib/sdk, such as
>     + name
>     + homepage
>     + download location
>     + language(s) it's written in and can be used from
>     + dependancies (with links?)
>     + OS/platforms (linux, fbsd, windows, macos, linux/ppc, alphas? etc?)
>     + features (graphics? opengl support? sound? joystick? threading? etc)
>  * search for an api given constraints
>  * do a side by side comparison of multiple libs/APIs (like the mysql db
>    comparison chart?)
>  * allow the maintainer of that lib to update their lib
>The feature list I think should be broken into a heirarchy and be fairly
>detailed, and the user can select which feature sets can be chosen.
>For example, 'graphics' may have opengl, Xlib, svgalib, ggi, DGA, dx, d3d,
>framebuffer, ...
>Once I have that stuff all firmly in my skull (and on paper), I'm gonna do
>the SQL structure and a series of sql commands matching things that need to
>done (I think I already threw an email with that kinda stuff out once),
>possibly some bcnf or 3nf proofs of it. Then it's a matter of trying to
>out the current php code (with no docs, structure schematics, or 'idjits
>to using the current structure'), and plugging the sql commands into it :)
>> Others - who has some spare time?
>        -Erik <erik@smluc.org> [http://math.smsu.edu/~br0ke]
>The opinions expressed by me are not necessarily opinions. In all
>probability, they are random rambling, and to be ignored. Failure to ignore
>may result in severe boredom or confusion. Shake well before opening. Keep
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