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Re: New release of Crystal Space (0.16)

On 26-Jun-2000 Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:
>>Crystal Space 0.16r001 Released!
>>The engine itself has the following features (shortened list):
> [93 lines deleted] 
> See what I mean, Erik? ;)

A lot of those I wouldn't necessarily call features (watch Jorrit wig out and
defend his (remarkable) software). Some of them just note what other features
can be used for. Some of them reflect restrictions of underlying
libraries/api's. ...

But I do see what you mean :) We should probably list a set of features that
will be respected on the site, and only add to that if there is a general
consensus? (consensus of whom, I have no idea. Nor do I have an idea of how to
measure that. Maybe public votes?) I'd like to knock this sdk thing out, but
without a solid understanding of where to go with it, any effort to take it
there will probably be wasted. :)

Obviously the library maintainers shouldn't have direct access to adding
features, there should be a database administrator or commitee (ew, dirty word)
that makes these judgement calls. Should we close our eyes, throw it out, and
see what happens? Or should we put very strong definitions on what will and
will not be a feature? One concern is that if the feature list changes too
much, it will grow to uselessness, and the sdk maintainers will not be able to
keep up so their software will be misrepresented.

Anyone who has thoughts on how the feature lists for the sdk/lib section of
lgdc should be handled, this'd be a good time to opine :) If you think you have
something to say, but aren't sure, there were some detailed messages on
lgdc-web, I think that's being archived somewhere? If not, I can email those
messages to anyone who requests (provided none of the participants have qualms
with their messages being redistributed...)

(I'm also forwarding this to lgdc-web, since it kinda belongs there, but it
also effects everyone here, so I'm not hopping lists. Some of us will get it
twice :)

        -Erik <erik@smluc.org> [http://math.smsu.edu/~br0ke]

The opinions expressed by me are not necessarily opinions. In all
probability, they are random rambling, and to be ignored. Failure to ignore
may result in severe boredom or confusion. Shake well before opening. Keep

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