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Re: Games, games and games

> Depth.
> I want games where there is instant appeal when you open the box...then
> after a couple of hours you realise that what you've been playing is only
> the surface layer of a much deeper and more complex experience - and so on
> in layers like an onion.

I agree but also disagree.  The reason is that for the most part I
prefer games with a lot to them.  But when I get home from work it is
nice to play a quick diversion game for 1/2-1 hour.  Granted I think the
playstation is probably a better vehicle for those types of games
(controller vs. keyboard & mouse).

> My son is into Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast (it was down to $9.99),
> the scenery is quite amazing - a huge chunk of San Francisco has
> been modelled in some detail, there is some quite nice physics
> modelling in there when you crash into things....but then the
> game is really repetitive.  Pick someone up - drive them where
> they want to go doing a few stunts along the way - get cash.
> Repeat.

Crazy Taxi was designed for the arcade where depth isn't really an option.
When porting to console systems the publics perfers faithful translations
or at least provide that as an option.

> It's suprising (to me at least) that there isn't a thriving
> market in recycled models and software selling to low-budget
> games companies.  I wonder how much it would cost to buy the
> Crazy Taxi database?

Crazy Taxi is probably a poor choice.  The game is very popular and
was one of the driving forces behind dreamcast sales as such would
probably be very expensive.  Could be that the technology is changing
fast enough that people have to keep adding more polygons.  The
standardized hardware with XBox may change that.

Dennis Payne

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