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Re: New site: please test

On Monday 18 June 2001 20:14, Mark Collins wrote:
> > What's not working yet (aka "known bugs"):
> > - Discussion forums: not implemented, to be added later (but not too
> > late)
> Feel free to link to
> http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/forum.asp?forum_id=14 while
> it's not implemented (it's my Linux forum on GameDev.Net).

I don't think that would be good:
1) The forum should be implemented rather soon - for the features we need 
it's a rather simple task and the major problems are already sorted out. 
No need to spend additional time on a transitional thing.
2) The idea is to have a "topic" for each newsitem, resource item and 
article, automatically generated when such a thing is added. Your forum 
isn't built for that I'd say :)

But thanks for the offer.

Christian Reiniger
LGDC Webmaster (http://sunsite.dk/lgdc/)

...to paraphrase Churchill, while representative  democracy may be
terrible, it's still the best system that large corporations can buy.

- David Weinberger JOHO January 25, 2000

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