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Re: "Tux Paint" alpha version available

On Mon, Jun 17, 2002 at 09:12:44PM +0200, Josef Spillner wrote:
> On Monday 17 June 2002 19:48, nbs wrote:
> > Work begin on June 14th.  Today, June 17th, the 2nd alpha version was
> > released.
> Today, June 17th, a package for Debian unstable has been created. (1)
> (It works for me and should get Tuxpaint fast into Debian jr.)

Too awesome!!!

> Some odd things include non-i18n'd messages

Hmm - Can you give me some examples?

> no install target support,

Hehe - Obviously too busy having fun with alpha blending code to
worry about a "make install" target.

I promise I'll have it in the next build (prob. later today)

> a splash screen which is hardly visible on my machine,

Yeah - I'm considering having the splash screen "hold" until a keypress.
I need to add credits to it, too.

> and screenshots in gif format.

*cough*  Too lazy to pull down the "Format" menu in XV when I save
screenshots. ;)  That's not a packaging issue.  That's just a website issue.

I'm going to redo the Tux Paint page on my site so that it looks more
like the rest of the site, and will put some new screenshots up...

> But I don't really have time to complain, I'm too busy with drawing.


> You could setup a page entitled "drawings from Linux game developers", and 
> collect some.
> Now, _that_ would scare companies away when they consider porting games :)