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Debugging desaster


I wouldn't write that if I hadn't become really desperate by now. As you might 
know we are developing a 3D modeller. However, I've gotten myself hunting a 
bug for about three months now without any success. I'm really out of ideas 

I'd be really thankful if someone of you guys could help assist me in looking 
over the code in question. Maybe I'm missing something that's plain obvious.

If you feel adventurous you can download the source code from our subversion 
repository at http://www2.futureware.at/svn/gregor. You need to have Java 
1.5, Jython and Eclipse 3.1 in order to compile and run that stuff (not to 
mention the time it takes to actually get the eclipse project set up - I must 
write some instructions on that very soon!).

The bug resides in scripts/startup/selectvertex.py (you may notice that the 
code in there already bears traces of my debugging attempts). The 
getCameraRay function should produce a starting point and a ray direction for 
a ray emerging at the camera position in 3d coordinates and going through the 
point that the user selected in the 2d projection n screen. This function 
fails as soon as the view gets rotated. The reason for this eludes me for 
months now.

I'd really appreciate if someone would help me in killing this bug. I'm more 
than willing to give support on compiling and running Moonlight|3d  
yourselves. Just let me know if you want to try - and only if you really mean 



PS: you can also try and have a direct look at the code in the repository 
without having to download it. Maybe you can spot this litle bugger that way 
(I have my doubts about that, though)