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Re: C++ callbacks "tutorial"

Bert Peers wrote:

> after the recent discussions about events/sinks/queues/callbacks I got
>interested in the GTK/KDE/Qt style of handling callbacks.  That kind
>of APIs have become fairly common and are indeed almost trivial
>to work with, what's under the hood however is kindof intruiging imho.
>I digged through a few articles; they were not that hard to understand
>but (esp. the one by Rich Hickey) present the final solution as is without
>much explanation why the alternatives suck.  I found out implementing
>them :)  and for anyone who's interested, a summary/tutorial/guided tour is at
>version 0.1, kindof. (34Kb, HTML)
>Feedback very welcome..

I haven't looked at your version yet, but you might be interested in the
Gtk-- implementation. It's loosely based on Rich Hickey's, but (IMHO) much