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Re: New source of stuff!

Wow I could have swore I included it the page is at 


its also tied in with www.tucows.com which is one of the download sites
for corel's wordperfect. But there is all sorts of software for download

On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, Tomas Andrle wrote:

>you wrote:
>> There is a web page I just found that contains all sorts of goodies. It
>> has a listing of lots of packages for just about everything. I found some
>> there I new about and lots I did not. There are 3d Modilers, Programming
>> evniroments, libraries (ClanLib was there) and even rates them.
>> The same web site also has mirrors of alot of the distrobutions.
>Where is this page? or is it the tlug page from your sig?
>Tomas Andrle --- tomaasz@iol.cz

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