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Re: Tux Racer 0.10 Released

>I like the feet idea. :-) He already uses his wings for steering...

I should explain I've not been able to try it because I don't have any decent
machines to hand...

>Yes, but the only thing that I can release right now is the tux.tcl file
>included in the tuxracer-data package.  All the joint nodes in the DAG
>are labeled with comments; just search for "joint".  I have a program
>that lets you pick his movable body parts and position them (that's how
>I generated the keyframe animation sequences), but releasing that will
>be pretty much impossible since it is the solution to an assignment in a
>course I took (and am currently TAing).  I can *perhaps* release a
>binary, but a fairly significant part of the assignment is in the Tcl
>script (the stuff that was stripped out of tux.tcl), so getting
>clearance to do that might be tricky.  If you're interested I'll see
>what I can do.

Cool - I'll have a look at that: I'm looking at needing to do some skeletal anim
& I've been looking to see what sort of structures people have used. The stuff
is either
surprisingly uncommon or surprisingly hard to find for such a "hot" topic.