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RE: Online games

On Thu, 9 Mar 2000, Erik wrote:

>most commonly they are represented as virtual rooms or hallways with
>doors or tables. I think a good strong game meta-server is a good plan,
>and I would hope that efforts would go to sifting thru the several in
>existance, choosing the most promising, and helping them. 

What the system calls the different 'rooms' isn't really important, but it
seems to be quite easy to confuse different systems when they use
different names for the same thing.

>I would think that a good game server would offer an attractive general
>simple interface and be versatile enough that any game could plug into

Yep. It should be simple and independent of the type of game used. Yet it
should offer enough functionality so that the game can implement all
needed features without the need to alter the server. The server should
come with an own API that takes care of all the low-level communication in
a common and stable manner, so that the game-developer can focus on the
game instead of the networking. The only issue to be dealt with should be
creating packets of data and showing them to the API and reacting on
incoming data (raw gamespecific data or added/removed clients).

>There are a few projects like this, and a few that are too limited.
>Mebbe someone who knows them can report on their goals/status ?

What projects are there? The Gnu Gaming Zone got mentioned, I have one,
but what else are there? It would be nice to see what others have created,
especially what features have been regarded as important.

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