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Re: sdk comparison on webpage

Erik wrote:

> sure? (maintaining data should be passed onto maintainers, people who have an
> interest not only in the lgdc site, but the specific sdk. One person can't keep
> track of all the different sdk's in a way that'd be fast enough... to give all
> the sdk's fair attention, several maintainers are needed, possibly one per
> sdk... having the developers of the different sdk's act as maintainers would
> probably be a good situation for most sdk's. Some sdk's would need a volunteer
> who has interest/experience with them (directsuck, for example)).

Thatīs simple to do. Actually thatīs exactly the scheme we have for
articles (authors can maintain their own articles directly)

> I think I already see how the db would be layed out... which dbms is gonna be
> used? mysql has been annoying me a lot lately, it does simple stuff very fast,

It *is* mysql ;)

> BCNF or 3NF argument :) let me know what dbms will be used, and I'll tell ya
> how I think the table layout should be, and some queries to use on it/'em


> language. Maintaince should be divided out to interested parties with
> specialization...

What do you mean with "specialization" ?

> I'd imagine some kind of user authentification should go into the mix... just
> to keep everyone honest :)

Thatīs already implemented, working and integrated into the new site.

> I'm interested in seeing the code so far :) if you can tar it up and post it or
> send it to me, I'd appreciate it :)

No problem.
Well, right now it *is* a problem, as Iīm at a &%§&"& Windows machine...
Iīll send you the stuff once Iīm back home.


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