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Announce: LibPenguinPlay 0.1.0

The PenguinPlay Project Proudly Presents: LibPenguinPlay Version 0.1.0

The first release of the PenguinPlay library is now available for
download from our ftp site. Here are the direct links for the impatient:

source archive:

win32 binary archive:

The 0.1.0 version is called a "preview release" - it is intended to enable
people to get an impression of LibPenguinPlay without having to fiddle
around with CVS versions. We did our best to find and fix bugs, and to
provide enough functionality to make the library useful in a real game, but
your mileage may vary.
In any case: Have fun with it (and send us feedback ;)

About LibPenguinPlay

LibPenguinPlay is a library written by us, containing code for
things not covered by existing libraries and (to a lesser extend)
things that we think really should have a alternative implementation.
Right now it consists of PenguinFile and PenguinSound.

LibPenguinPlay is licensed under the XFree license (full text at
http://sunsite.auc.dk/libpplay/LICENSE). It essentially says
"You may do what you want with the code, as long as you give us proper


PenguinFile provides a set of functions to help with file handling in
computer games. Most notably this means handling of file archives
(called PakArchives here), but features for speeding up file access
and simple access to files over a network are also planned for the near
future. The API is modeled after the C stdio and POSIX file handling
APIs, so learning the usage is very simple.


PenguinSound aims to provide an easy and portable way to play sounds.
Where possible PenguinSound attempts to use hardware acceleration or other
methods to optimise the playback. The current audio systems targeted by
PenguinSound are: /dev/dsp, mmapped /dev/dsp, esound, /dev/sequencer,
and DirectSound. A fairly flexible factory has been designed to
create the best audio system at run time.

The PenguinPlay homepage is at http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/


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