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Re: Tux Racer 0.10 Released


This small discussion triggered a need to send my point of view.

> > After being out on the web for close to two years - I'm still the only
> > developer - and I'm still begging for more level designers....oh - and
> > good luck finding someone to make some music for you!
> >
> >    :-(
> the problem with tux quest for herring is that the webpage
> doesn't clearly say what to do.
> and not everybody can do those opengl programming yet
> (because of the lack of hardware)

For a long time I have seen AQFH on the web announced and praised by 
people. So I decided to try it out. My feeling was exactly as Erik
Thiele describes it. A webpage that nearly scares me off: "do this, do
that, and if you are really up to it, then try to compile - but no
garantee it will work".

At the time I wanted 2 things. To check out the beast and to find a
project that I could join as a programmer to learn OpenGL and C/C++. Not
even getting the game running scared me off the second part.

Just by having a complete (including plib) binary package like RPM you
reach A LOT of people who are just looking around this jungle of game
project to see whats up. When I cannot see the game quickly, evaluate it
and then do an rpm -e on it, I don't bother to return.

This is surely even more a hurdle for graphics and especially music
guys. They do not want to be a programmer and do a lot of installation +
"hacking in Makefiles" to get things running.

Enough feedback from me. I promise to check AQFH out at some point :-)

A hint for you:

try to find some HTML programmer who just craves to run "his own
website". I found one to take care of my project and he really loves it
(nothing to see yet, but he is working on it). That way I can spend time
on coding rather than keeping that "stupid" webpage up to date.

Best regards

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