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Re: Tux Racer 0.10 Released

>> And when things don't install, I tend to just regard it as being the fault of
>> that box. In the past I've mentioned to people about FOO din't install under
>> slackware 1.BAR and they go "WTF are you still running that for?" so these
>> I don't.
>Spending a couple of hours installing a clean modern OS will help IMMENSELY
>and more than pay for itself in saved time downstream.

I should point out that I haven't yet bought a new hard disk.

I mean, there's actually all sorts of complications. My ISP puts the phone down
on me if I even mention Linux in conversations with them, so if installing the
new thing breaks dip I lose net connectivity until I fix it. Things like that.
Coupled with having about an hour a week to look at this stuff.

Actually, Red Hat 6, I expected to install something sensible to cope with my
VooDooII card on the other machine and it didn't. The RPMs aren't even on the CD
as far as I can tell. So it installed a software Mesa which doesn't help a lot.

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