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Re: Screensaver? games?

Jason Dagit wrote:

>I would like to learn to make screen savers for linux (ya know for
>X...or maybe I could use GGI and they could also be used from a
>But I can't seem to get pointed in the right direction.  I know you do
>games, but I thought screensavers might be closely realated.
>If you have any links for information about screensavers for X could you
>please point me in the general direction :)

IIRC this topic came up on the GGI list some time ago...
(searching now)
http://www.jwz.org/xscreensaver/ came up as good example code

Hmmm, that was all I found :(
What exactly do you already know and what do you still need to know? Gfx
algorithms? X programming? X fullscreen setup? LibGGI programming ?

I'm also CCing to the LGDC mailing list. Perhaps someone there knows more...

Christian Reiniger
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