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Re: autoconf help?

"J. Perkins" wrote:

> >Well, when I have problems with auto(conf|make), I usually look at how the
> >GGI people did it. Their build system is perhaps the most sophisticated
> >I've seen yet.
> That's a good tip, thanks. I've been looking at SDL, ClanLib, GLUT,
> FreeGLUT, and PLIB, among other things, but I have never checked out
> GGI.

Do they use recursive Makefiles? With Quadra, a not-so-big project,
using non-recursive Makefiles cut the compile time in half easily. On an
even bigger project (particularly if you have many subdirectories), the
payoff should be even worthier (it make 5 minutes into a bit over 2
minutes for me, if it turns 60 minutes into 25-30 minutes, pretty
interesting pay off).

Pierre Phaneuf
Systems Exorcist

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