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Re: autoconf help?

Keith Lucas wrote:

> > Interesting indeed. But I wonder why this is the case - make itself
> > doesn't do that much compared to the compiler...
> http://www.pcug.org.au/~millerp/rmch/recu-make-cons-harm.html
> "Recursive Make Considered Harmful"
> I read it. It made sense.

Yes. Just to make things clear, I like autoconf very much and heavily
recommend its use. I would also recommend automake if it could generate
different styles of Makefiles, but I do not, since it only does
recursive Makefile (and very complex ones at that, they take a
relatively long time to parse).

Maybe take a look at my in-progress project XPLC for an example of
manageable non-recursive makefiles: http://xplc.sourceforge.net/

Pierre Phaneuf
Systems Exorcist

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