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Re: autoconf help?

On Mon, 27 Mar 2000, Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

>Christian Reiniger wrote:

>> Interesting indeed. But I wonder why this is the case - make itself doesn't
>> do that much compared to the compiler...
>Parse, parse, parse the makefiles! And again! Compile your project with
>"make -d" once and take a look at how many stat() make has to do. And it
>has to do them many times very often, because of the recursive

>Not to mention the time spend going into directories where there is
>nothing to be done (with no less parsing or stat()ing required, of

But then, does it matter? When you download something and start to compile
it you don't expect it to finish compiling in 3 seconds, do you? What is
the point if the compilation takes 10 minutes or 13 minutes? You only do
it once. An if you compile an own project I suppose you don't do 'clean'
rebuilds all the time, only when some central API changes or something
similar, maybe once a day.

I rather have many Makefiles, as long as it is clear what happens...

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