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RE: Vertex blending.

>I think I see what you mean...
>normalizing the vectors as the final calculation will produce equal vectors,
>but may produce some distortion at the joints... depending on what you're using
>the bone system for, it may be ok :) If you're modeling a human (or other bony
>creature), then the final vector probably SHOULD be longer on more extreme

This is what I thought. I'll have to give it a go. I just didn't want to start
patching up something that might actually be fundamentally broken if you see
what I mean.

I've not actually seen any code for doing any of this. I've seen lots of
discussions, but nothing that actually has the nitty gritty in it. I can't
believe it's still so cutting edge that no-one will talk about it in detail...

>Is the generated vector replacing, or supplementing the existing vertices? For
>visual quality, it should be supplementing I think

It's providing extra ones essentially, on the outsides of bends.

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