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Re: Xlib or die (?)

> but I wouldn't say it's a prereq :) Several layers are available to abstract
> the nasty X internals and provide a simple easy and usually portable
> infterface. Some people like glut, some clanlib, some like plib, I personally
> prefer SDL (http://libsdl.org). I'm glad I took the time to learn xlib a few years
> back, but I don't apply any of it directly when I do multimedia/game type
> programming. 

Personally I quite like Xlib. And knowing it is occaisionally very
useful: like when it comes to write one's own wrapper because other
things can't be used for licencing/political/military reasons.

It's a nice simple way of doing fairly complicated windowing
stuff. It's easily matched in complexity and horridity by the Mac
internals or low-level Windows programming.

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