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Re: a book or tutorial

> Can anyone lead me to a good book or a tutorial that describes about 3D
> game programing from scratch. I know basics like what they tell you in
> "The Red Book" but not other algos and even not how to exactly use them.
> Tutorial would be better(if it starts off well).

www.gamedev.net has lots of tutorials about this sort of thing that
will get you started. Also look at www.flipcode.com which does intros
and articles.

On the algorithms front, there are two books I'd recommend:
"Algorithms" by Sedgewick is about general algorithms; sorting,
routing, graphing. All sorts of things. Read it once, so you know
what's in it and then keep it sat next to the keyboard so it's handy.

"3D Game Engine Design" by Eberly. Huge book, weighs a ton, don't
carry it around with you. Not all the stuff is relevant to every game,
but it's got lots of useful stuff and tons of example code.

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