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Re: newbie here

Also consider joining a small project instead of starting from scratch on your own. Browse around sourceforge (www.sf.net) and see if some project fits you, then join and help out.
That way you will do stuff in a team (more fun), learn from/together with someone, and you dont have to do all by yourself.
Once you start you'll discover you opened up a huuuuge bag of stuff to learn. Game programming is fun and rewarding - but also far from easy.
My $0.02 worth ;-)
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From: Paul Berg
Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 3:57 AM
Subject: newbie here

Hello all,
Just joined the list, My name is Paul an i am 15 from the Gold Coast in Australia. I am quite interested in game development(especially linux) and are just requesting information about where to start.. (language choice, essential parts of linux to learn.. stable kernal and x to start with... etc, etc, etc)
Im currently programming for the web using mivascript(aka htmlscript) and a bit of php. I've been learning the basics of Linux(using redhat 7.0) over time (always having a project to work on) but not having too much time to experiment with it.
I'm known to be a fast learner(once im started off) so if someone could give me a little help that would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance...
Kind Regards
Paul Berg