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Re: [linuxgames] Game Developers Conference

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Adam D. Moss wrote:

>Jan Ekholm wrote:
>> Heh, nothing is even close to this whole country. :) But Finland isn't
>> really a big center for games development. Well, actually, you can't find
>> anything related to games development here, let alone Linux or Linux game
>> development.
>Remedy Entertainment put Finland on the gaming map, didn't
>they?  If nothing else then for Max Payne not actually sucking
>very much despite its purgatorial development lifetime. :)
>Don't know what the games industry as a whole is like over
>there though.  Considering that the '90s demo scene was
>practically centred there I'm surprised the game industry
>isn't larger.

I think there are a few companies that make games, of which Remedy is the
most known. I think we have a few smaller ones that have released a game
or two. All in all the situation is a bit sad, so it's no wonder there are
no conferences or similar here. Not that I'd actually want to work in
games development, seems to be a pretty horrible industry to be in, but it
would be fun to have some game related development "action" over here. 

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