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On Fri, Apr 30, 1999 at 08:30:37PM +0200, Christian Reiniger wrote:

Two things: some more idea's and my vision of the "game project of the

* A general FAQ, pointing visitors into the right submenu's and pages.
* A 'first steps' plan, doing the same. Two plans are required: one for the
  you-me-us-hackers and one for LokiSoft-wannabe's.

Together with the total website and it's menu structure this would give
developers three ways to look for information: by subject (menu's), by
project status (steps plan) and by specific question (FAQ).

> * Organize the "Game project of the Month" thing.

My idea for such a thing:

Instead of _us_ compiling a list and having to make criteria for games etc,
let's put up a form with basic questions and invite game developers to
fill it in for their project.

Then. every month, we get to pick one of these games and have an more
comprehensive interview focussed on the development. This game's profile
(with the basic info and link to interview) comes on the main page and on a
special page for the "Game project of the month" including previous
'winners', ahum). 

Grtz, Rob
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