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Rob Kaper wrote:

>* A general FAQ, pointing visitors into the right submenu's and pages.

You mean "Where do I find
introductory(link)/advanced(link)/specialized(link) info on socket
programming" questions?  Dunno, sounds somehow good, but I'd give it a low
priority for now. A simple "what section contains what" intro should be
fine for now.

>Together with the total website and it's menu structure this would give
>developers three ways to look for information: by subject (menu's), by
>project status (steps plan) and by specific question (FAQ).

FAQ & Steps plan would have to be relatively generic (pointing to sections,
not documents), or they'd have to be adapted each time something is
added/moved etc.

>> * Organize the "Game project of the Month" thing.
>My idea for such a thing:
>Instead of _us_ compiling a list and having to make criteria for games etc,
>let's put up a form with basic questions and invite game developers to
>fill it in for their project.
>Then. every month, we get to pick one of these games and have an more
>comprehensive interview focussed on the development. This game's profile
>(with the basic info and link to interview) comes on the main page and on a
>special page for the "Game project of the month" including previous
>'winners', ahum). 

Sounds good. We should have some poll system for the "picking".



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