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Re: A request...

I think it looks really good.  It's professional, looking and easy to
read.  I particularly like the terminator penguin..not that I like
penguins all that much mind you.  :-)  

The only thing that might need some work is the LGDC thing.. though in my
opinion it looks fine to me. 

nice job. 

-michael maher

> 	Please go have a look at a fresh site format with a different color scheme
> and tell me if you like it better. I got a couple of comments relating that
> the old yellow/black/white color scheme didn't jibe well with them. So, I
> went with a white/dark blue/orange theme. Comments?
> 	http://www.jacksonville.net/~ptiseo/LGDC/main.html
> 	PS: Before I go changing all the pages, I want to make sure people like
> this one. So, only the main page has been changed.
> 	Thanks.
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> Paul Tiseo
> ptiseo@mediaone.net