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Ok, here's the list of LGDC parts with their respective maintainers. I hope
I missed none. 
Some parts still need a maintainer. Volunteers? Suggestions? (an "ok, but
only until you find another one" is also ok).
I'd say we wait until May 14 (i.e. one week) and then put it on the
homepage as list of "officials".

(list unsorted)

Game Projects            - Rob Kaper
Tools                    - Bert Peers
How To Start             - Christian Reiniger
Press voices, Editorials - <nobody yet>
Tutorials, Howtos etc    - <nobody yet>
Website in general       - Paul Tiseo

Plus there has to be an official "Coordinator", responsible for answering
the posts nobody else answers, collecting cool ideas and ToDo items
appearing on the list, keeping long term goals in mind etcetc.



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